David Hamelin

David Hamelin – PhD. student

David completed his BSc in Biochemistry (CO-OP) at the University of Victoria, throughout which he had the opportunity to conduct research projects in world-renowned laboratories. These research opportunities allowed him to acquire significant experience designing and conducting mass spectrometry-based experiments, and culminated in co-authorship in 7 publications (NatureComms, PNAS, JMedChem, JBiolChem, JMolBiol) while in Dr. John E. Burke’s Laboratory.

As a member of the Caron lab (Dr. Etienne Caron) and the OMICS group (Dr. Julie Hussin), David seeks to combine his background in mass spectrometry with bioinformatics to contribute to the field of Immunopeptidomics. He is currently investigating the impact of SARS-CoV-2 mutations on viral epitope presentation as well as CD8+/CD4+ T Cell-based adaptive immunity using in-house bioinformatic strategies.

Contact : davidhamelin93 [at] gmail.com
Address : Département de Biochimie et médecine moléculaire, Université de Montréal