Cantin Baron

Cantin Baron – PhD. Candidate

Cantin is a PhD student who joined Julie Hussin group since January 2019. He will focus his research on using artificial intelligence approaches to generate lipidomic profils in heart diseases in order to move specialized medicine further.

Initially, he was planning to do a technician career due to his passion about being close to the research by doing laboratory bench experiments on his own. Therefore, he firstly obtained a technology baccalauréat in biochemistry and biological engineering followed by an advanced technician’s certificate in biotechnology at Jules Ferry High School, Cannes (France). During several training experiences in French national institutes, he get interested about computational sciences. That is why, at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France) he obtained a Bachelor and a Master degree in Bioinformatics and Mathematics. Plus his multidisciplinary background from different interests and education fields, Cantin learnt directly from the science community by doing several internships in highly professional and competitive institutions such as the « European Bioinformatics Institute » (University of Cambridge,UK). Indeed, he was in the Professor Janet Thornton Group, he conducted a project developing the frontend and backend of an enzyme-ligand based online database. Cantin also did research on an Alzheimer related project at the « National Institute for Research In Computer Science and Automation » (Sophia-Antipolis, France) with Dr. Veltz, where he started to calibrate and improve a new mathematical model of synaptic plasticity.

By combining his interest and experience on very last algorithms and medical research, he will conduce his PhD with Julie Hussin as director and Christine Des Rosiers & Matthieu Ruiz as co-directors.

Contact : cantin.baron [at]
Address : 5000 Bélanger, Room S-1430

Phone : 514 376-3330 #4434